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About Us

Introducing Edgewood Outfitters: Where Heritage Meets Fashion

Edgewood Outfitters is a family-owned fashion outfitter, proudly rooted in the legacy of our family farm, Edgewood Farm, which has been in our family since 1893. Emerging as an all-American fashion destination, we seamlessly blend heritage with contemporary style.

Rooted in Nature, Fashioned with Love

At Edgewood Outfitters, we cherish the rugged beauty and
authenticity of rural life. Our styles are inspired by the wooded landscapes of our family farm, celebrating the outdoors. With influences ranging from cottage core to boho and cabin core, our fashion offerings embody the essence of nature.

Styles that Speak of Adventure

Whether you're off to a festival, concert, wedding, or simply enjoying a night out with friends, or seeking the perfect work ensemble, Edgewood Outfitters has you covered for every adventure. Embracing classic American fashion, we harmonize tradition with contemporary trends. Be it flowing bohemian dresses or distressed denim, our collection ensures you're prepared for any occasion.

Beyond Fashion: Celebrating Diversity and Individuality

Edgewood Outfitters is more than just a fashion retailer; it's a celebration of individuality and inclusivity. We champion body positivity and embrace diversity in all its forms. Our mission is to offer styles that empower everyone, regardless of shape, size, or background.

We pride ourselves on providing a diverse range of sizes and styles, ensuring that everyone feels welcome, seen, and valued. From flowing bohemian dresses to distressed denim, our collection is designed to flatter every body and style. At Edgewood Outfitters, fashion is for everyone, and we invite you to join us in celebrating the joy of self-expression and embracing who you are.

Edgewood Outfitters | Quality Women's Clothing | Newport News, VA
Edgewood Outfitters | Quality Women's Clothing | Newport News, VA